Traffic troubles

Mine traffic troubles neighbors

But she said activity at the mine picked up after she and her family took up residence in February. The truck traffic seems to have diminished since the accident, she said, but she remains concerned.

The claim is currently being contested by lawyers for both parties. The hearings examiner is expected to issue a decision in coming weeks. Nathan Baker, senior staff attorney at Friends of the Columbia Gorge, said his group installed a camera on the road to record truck traffic from the pit.

Grice said people may criticize her and other residents for moving near a mine and then complaining about it. Friends has filed a brief with the examiner, who has not signaled whether it will be considered.

Richardson, however, pointed to documents he said demonstrate that Zimmerly indicated that mining ceased in and that the permit was discontinued.

Traffic Trouble

This has been one of our greatest fears. Despite efforts to mitigate the effects of activities at the pit, nearby residents remain concerned about traffic and safety. Sean Streeter, another resident who lives nearby and has complained about the noisesaid he saw the aftermath of the crash and took pictures.

He said the truck was traveling more than 60 mph before hitting the rail line, which he said was pushed several feet after being struck.

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Friends of the Columbia Gorge unsuccessfully attempted to gain party status in the case in order to argue issues including the historical use of the site, applicable legal authorities and operational issues, such as truck traffic and safety.

Ever since activity ramped up late last year at the Zimmerly gravel pit, located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, neighbors have complained about the increase in noise and truck traffic. By July 10, the count had increased tohe said.

He said the crash shut down the line for 12 hours and delayed 10 trains. Grice, who lives with her family outside of Washougal, said she can hear dump trucks shift gears each morning around 6: July 25, Nutter could not be reached for comment by press time.

She did, however, hear the emergency vehicles responding to its crash.

Traffic Troubles

She said she can hear the trucks brake loudly as they make their way down the hill carrying their loads. He said the permit remains valid unless Zimmerly showed intent to abandon the mine. During a three-day period in June, the camera recorded trucks each day, he said.

He said the driver was taken to the hospital. During the hearing, Howsley said the site is regulated and subject to various environmental laws. He also said the permit was reaffirmed in by the Columbia River Gorge Commission, which handles land-use decisions in the gorge.Nov 05,  · More cars mean more traffic lights.

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Traffic Trouble: Police Game

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Mine traffic troubles neighbors Gravel pit’s legality in question as residents report rise in truck traffic along rural road near Washougal.

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Traffic troubles
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