Tra and basa fish dispute between

In doing so, the Department conveniently overlooked the fact that on account of a consistent aggregated reporting of FOPs by exporters and acceptance by Commerce over the last 15 years, the Vietnamese exporters were not put on notice about this sudden about-face by the agency in the eleventh review.

For More Information Contact: Vietnamese officials have stated their concern of the new inspection program in as a disguise of protectionism. The main reason behind this success is the superior quality of fish meat due to the Vietnamese technique of farming catfish in their natural habitat using underwater fish Tra and basa fish dispute between in the Mekong delta, as well as a comparatively low production cost while the operating costs of U.

Over the last seven years, beginning from the fifth administrative review of the AD Order, a fierce dispute has ragedabout the choice of surrogate country as well as surrogate values in the Vietnamese fish fillets proceedings.

Consequently, the affected US domestic farmers have been spearheading a high-voltage campaign impeaching the quality of Vietnamese fish fillets and levelling allegations of dumping and underpricing in the US market.

Applying to all catfish sold in the U. Product Size - less than 2 ounces, ounces and so on. Senate favored this claim and passed a law implemented by the Food and Drug Administration FDA to require all Vietnamese catfish to be labeled either "Tra" or " Basa ". As noted above, the AD duty is based upon the difference between the US sale price and the normal value of such goods.

CFA wants to dispose of these remaining exporters as well. Nevertheless, the amount of frozen fish imported to the U. Overnight, they sought to change the rules of the game in fundamental ways. CFA wants to dispose of these remaining exporters as well. Surrogate Value data — Price data of all material and non-material inputs from a surrogate country.

Commerce has perpetuated its choice by continuing to select Indonesia over Bangladesh in the final results of the ninth, tenth and eleventh AD review proceedings as well as the recently announced preliminary results in the twelfth review proceeding.

As such, beginning from the thirteenth review proceeding covering exports during Aug. Consumers now will bear the costs of the label process as well as the USDA inspection requirement on each pound of catfish that they buy from domestic producers.

But, CFA did not succeed initially. Therefore, the exporters were simply unprepared to comply with the new agency requirement. These regulations dictate the slaughtering and processing of fish, ostensibly to check the use of chemicals and antibiotics.

Over the same period, U. Choudhary is a Washington D. Furthermore, other commodities and goods imported from Vietnam would likely to be at higher prices as Vietnam sought to retaliate in the dispute.

To this end, CFA successfully persuaded Commerce to require Vietnamese exporters to report their factors of production under a new methodology.

Secretary of Commerce to the Government of Vietnam. This article focuses on a particular element of tariff barrier, specifically on a very important methodological aspect in the ongoing AD review proceedings covering Vietnamese fish fillets exports.

Even so, some Vietnamese exporters still succeeded in obtaining a reasonable level of AD duty margin and, accordingly, continued their shipments to the US market. As such, Vietnamese exports pose a threat to the domestic market share of the US southern catfish farmers, who continue to be underprepared for serious and sustained competition due to a lack of innovation.

But, CFA did not succeed initially. Nevertheless, a delegation from the Department of Commerce was sent to investigate the anti-dumping claims. VASEP and its members have cooperated in good faith and hope that DOC will respect the spirit of commercial freedom as confirmed in the letter from the U.

InVietnamese catfish captured around 20 percent of American frozen fish market. The AD margin is based on the price difference between the export price of actual goods sold and the fair or normal value of identical or comparable merchandise.

If the case is objectively considered on the basis of such factual evidence, then the DOC must come to the conclusion that Vietnamese exporters have not engaged in dumping at all and the U. The Vietnamese producers responded that their low costs of production were due to cheaper labor, and favorable producing condition.The Catfish Dispute started in(FDA) to require all Vietnamese catfish to be labeled either "Tra" or "Basa".

Nevertheless, the amount of frozen fish imported to the U.S. increased to million pounds inwhich valued at more than $ million a year.

Catfish Dispute

The purpose of this case study is to describe the trade dispute settlement mechanism in the US and address the issue of fair trade. It also analyzes the various arguments put forward by the Vietnamese Catfish Fight: Vietnam’s tra and basa fish exports to the US CE 5.

catfish. 8.

U.S., Vietnam in Dispute Over Catfish Exports

Along with winning frequent federal aid, it pushed a labeling law through Congress in that forced the Vietnamese fish to be sold in the United States under unfamiliar names such as pangasius, basa or tra.

Catfish Fight: Vietnam’s tra and basa fish exports to the US Abstract: The case centers on the first dumping case between the U.S.

and Vietnam in which the U.S. Catfish Farmers Association claimed that certain Vietnamese frozen fish fillets were dumped in the U.S.

Vietnamese Catfish Dispute Could Trigger U.S. Trade War

market. In Vietnam-US bilateral trade, Vietnamese exports of frozen Basa/Tra (or, pangasius species within the family of Catfish) fish fillets have all along been a controversial issue. After normalization of trade relations between Vietnam and the United States, epitomized by the signing of the Bilateral.

Because it was the first dispute about fish between Vietnam and US and due to our marketing, although Vietnam didn’t win in the name dispute, our product’s trademark were famous all over the world and spreaded to large markets like EU, Australia, Japan.

Tra and basa fish dispute between
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