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Anne Bronte came from a family whose fame was established through their use of the English language throughout their many novels and poems. The point is, during these pivotal moments, the future often looks uncertain or even downright scary.

The poem, The Darkling Thrush, is written in the form of a an ode, conventionally a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often written in a lofty, elevated style giving it a formal tone.

It makes him feel depressed and isolated. He chooses a an old, frail, thin, scruffy-looking thrush, not the nightingale of Miltonic and Romantic tradition. The alliteration in this stanza intensifies the atmosphere of gloom and death.

But there are some good reasons to consider Hardy a forerunner of all that Modernism would bring to the world. Three run-on lines take us at full tilt to its message: The enjambement in this stanza is also important as it creates a tension in the poem and inspires the reader to uncover the reasons for the longing for role reversal.

This set structure and the use of these conventional features when also contrasted with the tone of despair throughout, creates a tension in the poem.

The Darkling Thrush Themes

This regular rhythm, seems to have a slow, joyless effect and makes the pace slow. So little cause for carolings Of such ecstatic sound Was written on terrestrial things Afar or nigh around, That I could think there trembled through His happy good-night air Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew, And I was unaware.

In the poem Neutral Tones nature is portrayed in a negative way, however, in this poem nature reflects how the poets relationship is failing rather than effects how he is feeling. It could also mean that the couple has cold feelings towards each other, as winter is the coldest season.

This effective metaphor paints a picture of how the poet is feeling.

Song and The Darkling Thrush Essay

Lines one, three, five, and seven contain four stressed syllables, and lines two, four, six, and eight, three stressed syllables. For example, when the reader looks at the word Neutral in Neutral Tones he or she will immediately have certain ideas and connotations running through his or her head.

He was frail and bird-like in appearance, and he had discovered an abundant poetic inspiration towards the end of his life that must have seemed at times miraculously "illimited".

The naturalistic imagery in both poems is very important and it is through this use of nature that the pessimism and true meaning of both poems are understood.

This also emphasises his loneliness and isolation compared to the rest of mankind. The tangled bine-stems scored the sky Like strings of broken lyres, And all mankind that haunted nigh Had sought their household fires. A writer like Hardy could no longer take solace from Christianity, or have unequivocal confidence in the future of the world.

The Darkling Thrush - Sample Essay

To conclude, the bird in both poems is of great significance. Thomas Hardy was another great novelist, and poet, who was also encouraged at a very young age to pursue his interest in literature by his family — his mother in particular.Discussion of themes and motifs in Thomas Hardy's The Darkling Thrush.

eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of The Darkling Thrush so you can excel on your essay or test. Song and The Darkling Thrush. In this essay I intend to compare the use of nature in ‘Song’ by Anne Bronte and ‘The Darkling Thrush’ by Thomas Hardy and look at how the poets convey the feeling of pessimism in their poems.

The darkling Thrush and Neutral tones Essay

The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy. The Darkling Thrush Learning Guide by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley.

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“The Darkling Thrush” is a sorrowful poem, which uses a variety of writing techniques to present forth the theme of never giving up hope, while still keeping with the bleak atmosphere of the poem. Poet and novelist Thomas Hardy wrote this poem on December 31,the last day of the 19th. Technical analysis of The Darkling Thrush literary devices and the technique of Thomas Hardy.

In the poem The Darkling Thrush, nature has a predominantly negative effect on the poet. In stanza one, Hardy talks about how “ all mankind that haunted nigh / Had sought their household fires. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On The Darkling Thrush FOR YOU For Only $/page. order now.

The darkling thrush by thomas hardy essay
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