Second grade rubric for writing a paragraph

The Paragraph Worksheets - Printable teaching worksheet exercises. Students are informed that scientists need to communicate their ideas and findings in a clear way.

Second Grade Writing Activities

I tell them that today we are ready for the next step-revising the first draft. As peers collaborate, I walk around to ensure that they are on task.

Describe a Plant-Revise and Peer Edit

Then I tell students that they are ready for the next step- peer editing. The students read each others papers silently, followed by time to ask questions to each other. I walk around to monitor the students and I ask students questions to make sure that they are focusing on their revisions as well as including accurate information about the parts of a plant.

Interesting, concrete and descriptive examples and details with explanations that relate to the topic. They stay on a trail or make their own trail in the snow.

Turn and talk allows students to express their responses to others. This serve as a visual for my students. Peer editing provides students the opportunity to be engaged in meaningful scientific discourse as they critique each others work.

Peers are reminded that they can correct mistakes neatly and clearly if they use certain proofreading marks. I point out to students that they will be revising their paper to make it more clear and more interesting.

They need 3 - 5 paragraphs in their paper, each paragraph having a different topic. I tell them to exchange papers with their partner. Example Paragraphs Sample story: Students are informed that revise means to change. In observing the PowerPoint, students learned the "golden rules" of being a peer editor.

Make sure the sentences stay on the subject of their topic sentence.Lacks details Has no clear topic Uses basic vocabulary Demonstrates no awareness of audience Many errors in grade-level spelling Many run-on sentences or sentence fragments Title 2nd Grade Writing Rubric.

Second Grade Writing Rubric – Narrative Focus Content Organization Style Conventions 4 Maintains a focus on a single topic/experience. One clear topic/. Body paragraphs are unrelated, or marginally connected to essay topic.

Examples and evidence is weak or nonexistent.

2nd Grade Paragraph Writing Rubric

Closing Paragraph / Conclusion: Closing paragraph provides a clear conclusion successfully stating the author's position, as well as containing an effective restatement of the main idea or thesis of the essay. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

Learn More4/5(). Paragraph Rules: Indent the first word in a paragraph (start the first word of the paragraph a little to the right of the left-hand margin. Start a paragraph with a topic sentence, which states the main idea of that paragraph.

Any time you begin writing about a new idea, begin a new paragraph. Paragraphs answer questions about a certain topic. 2nd Grade Writing Rubric. Topic _____ Name _____ Date _____ Beginning. 1 Developing. 2 Accomplished.

3 Exemplary. 4 Score Topic Key word(s) near beginning Main idea or topic in first sentence Good main idea or topic sentence Interesting, well-stated main idea/topic sentence Words Related words or ideas mentioned Some key .

Second grade rubric for writing a paragraph
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