How to write a good fan fiction plot

Tips to avoid making your characters cliche: Imagine if Time-Turners existed in the Sherlock universe. Plot Summary Before your fingers start dancing across the keyboard, spend some time really honing in on the purpose of your story.

Another cliched plot is this one: If you want to do this plot a way to make it less cliche would be the good girl has a twin or something and he falls for the good girl but when he sees the twin, she catches his eye.

Distill this kernel down to a one-sentence summary of your fic. That makes it less "oh this character is the same as all of them". Once you know the rules, you can certainly break them. Make them fit within the context of your story.

What most compels you to write this fic? Do NOT use those under any circumstance, that turns the characters cliche too. This is an eye ball ripper out plot.

What does your character want abstractly? Cliched 1D fan fictions include the overused plots we talked about in the last chapter. There are so many cliche plots out there.

I can attest that the snowflake method has worked well for me when writing original fiction. These do not necessarily have to be earth-shattering disasters. Crackfics are just fine. And if you are using a fan fiction plot like these, then there you go. Or the girl meets the player and she turns him into some abstinence saint.

Plot? What Plot? How to Write an Outline for Your Fanfiction

Bella wants to be independent. What do they want more than anything else in the world? Make the character have some secrets. Are you someone who has that cliched plot that people sigh about when they see your story?

In just a few short hours, you have a pretty decent outline for your fanfiction. Okay, that sounded weird. If you are, then sit back, relax and just let my words of wisdom seep inside your brain. So how do you write an outline for your fanfiction?Read Cliched plots, Characters and Endings.

from the story How To Write A Good 1D Fan Fiction by onedirectiion_ (Michelle Therese) with 5, ultimedescente.comd plo. Avoiding Mistakes in Fanfiction Writing: A Beginner's Guide by Valis2 It's also helpful to take a look through fan sites that contain guidelines and resources.

POV will shape your fiction and affect the end result, sometimes drastically. What Plot? How to Write an Outline for Your Fanfiction. a good rule of thumb is to have “three disasters plus an ending. penning a Master's thesis entitled "Out of the Cupboards and Into the Streets!: Harry Potter Genderfuck Fan Fiction and Fan Activism." You can find her in Nova Scotia, sipping coffee, writing fiction, and reading.

How To Write A Good 1D Fan Fiction

I loveee reading good stories, but sadly, there aren't many anymore. I just want to see an original story plot, girll! If you can make me one, I will hug you and we can go eat tacos or something, okay?

Nov 20,  · Obviously, the story you’re writing is a fanfiction, so you already have someone else’s plot to, essentially, feed upon. You just have to make a new, sub plot. A lot of authors write ‘oneshots’ (see below) where they just do a little plot. How do I write a good fanfiction story?

Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Learn of all the fan theories, predictions and fantasies. Find out what fans want to see. The key to writing a good story is to have characters and situations which relate to people. Put your character in a dilemma. Have your character questions his values his ethics.

How to write a good fan fiction plot
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