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As it turned out, to the final insult, not only was their suggestion and pricing of the part replacement disgustingly expensive, I took it to another mechanic who inspected it, and Honda malaysia me exactly where the problem was only the outer ring of the steering wheel pump had to be replacedand it will cost me only RM or less to replace the part required, together with labour and oil costs, with change to spare.

May 8, Warranty claim not attend to I purchase this new Honda city 1. He DID NOT suggest a single method of problem solving, DID NOT probe an investigation, and instead said to me " i have been trying to tell you, between your last service and now, it has been 4 months, and anything could have happened".

But when I come to service they said want to charge for it, the bulb not under warranty, engine parts just under warrranty.

Con Job from Millenium Auto? What they are doing is Honda malaysia you up. This was incident 1. We found out that the gear Honda malaysia cover never closed and the dip stick was not in place. The service advisor said will order the bulb and replace new bulb for me when next entrance to service my car.

You have been warned. Then she gave the mobile no. It was before chinese new year on 20th Jan He asked his friend to call me once he finished with his customer. These dealer really spoilt your name!!!

I request an explantion on this exclusion of warranty but unacceptable reply from Honda Malaysia till now!! They actually heard my complaint helped me to be calm that someone is hearing my complaint.


So call International Honda brand name, but the warranty not good enough if compared to other brand name car in the world wide. The car having a huge noise from the back since few months ago and it become clearer since this week. If they have done proper inspection in the previous service, I believe i would not have to change the part today as the leak could have been discovered, patched up, and problem solved.

But I really cannot tolerate on this kind of mistake. Anyway they never follow customer request. Comments need to take time and will feedback soonest possible. But, a disappointing answer from them is I need to pay for the particular repair due to my warranty period has passed.

Something very interesting happened. Sep 8, Warranty claim not attend to other parts just engine?? It was a last minutes decision that I wanted to change the gear oil and stuff and wash my car as well. Then he check the system, he say the sales advisor have been resigned, he cant follow the comments written in the system.

Although the system mentioned battery is still in good condition, he can proceed to change it. I need this matter to be investigate further. I purchase this new Honda city 1. I can tolerate on slow service and long waiting. These are the 2 major incidents, I do not need to go through the stress a 3rd time.

My car is still under 3 years warranty. I think this bulb is under warranty so no need to pay for the bulb and labour charge for replace the bulb.Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window).

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Honda malaysia
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