Examining the global immersion experience

At the end of the talk, we were able to ascend the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and take in the incredible views from meters above Auckland. Additionally, faculty and staff gave lectures on the history and different cultural perspectives of each country.

We wrapped up the day with a family-style dinner and started to prepare for our first company visit the next morning. A mysterious, somewhat intimidating week that appears on Examining the global immersion experience calendar at the end of spring classes and marks the beginning of the Global Immersion Experience GIE.

Global Immersion Experience Recap: Australia, like New Zealand, has so much to offer students who are learning about business and the world, and it was a fascinating experience getting to visit both countries. As we depart, we are excited for the adventure ahead but nostalgic for our transformative days at McIntire.

Despite entirely different business streams, Xero and Mainfreight both shared a very flat, open business culture despite their global nature, a testament to their Kiwi origins.

Through the GIE, we are asked to contemplate deep issues and re-orient our thinking to absorb an entirely different culture.

Recap: Global Immersion Experience 2018

It requires an open mind and stamina! So, on Sunday, we decided to do just that and headed to Waiheke Island on a ferry to explore the gorgeous scenery—seriously stunning views—and famous New Zealand vineyards.

We also discussed American companies doing business in the country. The week begins the same way the program started back in August: It is the last time all of us are together because the program ends while we are on the Global Immersion Experience.

At the Caves, we took a boat in an underground river to see millions of blue-green glow worms light up the ceiling like stars in the sky. And, for good reason.

Global Health Immersion Experience

Our first company visit was to Mainfreight, where we learned about the benefits and challenges of developing a logistics and shipping company from a remote island nation. For Oceania, we also had seminars led by our classmates that debated current issues facing each country. After the first week of adventures, we will have a few more days in Melbourne, then a week in Sydney, concluding with a week in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After a long journey to the bottom corner of the world, all twenty M. Contributed by Haley Hickey. Kia Ora from the Oceania Track! Students are expected to prep for the in-country portion of the class by spending time researching the companies, industries and countries included on their itinerary and presenting the information to the rest of the group.

Be sure to follow mscommerce for more fun pictures on the Oceania experience! It was a fascinating deep dive that prepared us well for the companies and countries we were to visit.

Tracks are led by McIntire professors, and each GIE residency week has a slightly different schedule. Our much-anticipated cultural day soon arrived and we boarded the bus to visit the Waitomo Glow Caves and Hobbiton. Following the incredible scenery and people we had encountered in New Zealand, it was tough to leave, but many of us have vowed to make it back next time in summer in the near future.

Fans of The Hobbit rejoiced at our next stop, where we toured the set of the movie, set amongst a working sheep farm.

Along the way, we were able to see firsthand the lush, rolling hills of New Zealand that has inspired an entire film industry. The GIE is not a vacation or your typical study abroad. Professor Peter Maillet spent spring semester teaching us Foundations of Global Commerce and he reinforces these ideas, as well as the expectations going forward for GIE.

Professor Jim Burroughsour fearless faculty lead, made it a priority during residency week to stress the importance of experiencing the cultural and business sides of each city we visit in order to gain a more holistic view. The bon voyage dinner was a humorous send-off with our professors and a tearful goodbye to our newest friends, the perfect culmination for a year that saw each of us grow as individuals and a family.

Residency Week was also bittersweet. It was great to hear the benefits of a UVA McIntire education first-hand, and which classes ended up being most helpful thanks, Professor Bateman for your organizational behavior expertise.The Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) encourages MBA students to gain hands-on knowledge of international management.

Global Immersion Courses. Global Immersion Courses are offered to graduate level students in the Wake Forest University School of Business. Each program is unique and provides an educational and enriching opportunity to explore the intersection between business and culture around the world.

Faculty-led short term travel courses are an exciting, enriching way to study abroad. This Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience explores the concepts of global health as well as contemporary health issues in Thailand. Through lectures and experiential learning, you will learn about social and environmental healthcare in the tropics.

Global Immersion builds lives. Similarly, middle and senior school students rave about their leadership development days with Global Immersion. Gi teaches students to embrace the opportunity to truly lead and make difference, and in so doing opens up participant’s eyes to a life full of meaning, purpose and passion.

TERM 3: 8 CREDITS The Global Immersion Experience (GIE) is an integral and required component of the M.S. in Commerce Program designed to teach the complexities of global business in locations around the world. Immersion Experience #3 Cultural Assessment Saint Petersburg College Introduction Nurses act as patient/client or “consumer” advocates.

To do so, a nurse must at a minimum, listen; to do so well a nurse must do more than .

Examining the global immersion experience
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