Descriptive writing the park

Thousands of memories about this park kept springing up onto my mind. The yellow slide, which looked like a tube, was the place I usually hid into. With Descriptive writing the park yellow and dark blue colors it stands out the most in the playground area. Nervously she tried to walk faster before one of the clumsy young boys toppled into the water.

As I peered through the curtain, I noticed that the park under my apartment was as dynamic as usual. Waking up by a bundle of sunshine passed through the curtain, I felt like I was bathing in the warm and shimmering light. The brick red jungle gym sits there in its solitude, longing for some eager company.

The atmosphere became stiff. Human might treat withered leaves as litter but for trees, they treasured them as invaluable since fallen leaves supplied the indispensible nutrients. I spot butterflies fluttering around landing graciously on tiny purple and orange flowers, which are growing in luscious patches throughout the grass.

Surrounding the busy zipping, are many red and yellow steps varying from small and low to the ground and gradually growing to larger and taller round steps. There were a couple of people already sitting on the grass, picnicking, reading, laying down dreaming. It also seems to be one of the favorites because there always seems to be a few children arguing over how long a turn should be or who is next in line.

The trail brought me to a harmonious resting place. I take a deep breath and the smell of the small cut up woodchips overwhelms my nose. As I look closely to the tree I am using for shade I notice two long line of marching ants, one going up the tree and the other filing down.

As far as I remembered, I heard the piercing sound of the ambulance before I fainted. The lady they were following trudged down the muddy path slowly, leaning on her walking stick for support. Not a single word was spitted from their mouth, but they both wore smiles like the new moon. The playground helps provide an escape for children while the parents are happy that their kids are actually exercising.

Ducks were already rushing towards them, obviously hungry so early in the morning. Jogging in the park during early hours opens up opportunities to see different scenes and portraits and open my mind to a new perspective.

The gentleman wore a milky white jacket and sky blue trousers with two black stripes on both sides. They formed various patterns like the mysterious pictures we saw in dreams.

Descriptive Essay: A Day at Memorial Park Essay

It has one loop around and nothing else surrounding it. Then I closed my eyes. Way above the trees I scout out a hawk gliding back and forth seeming as if he is observing everything from high up. It was as if there was no sign of civilization around me.

I was alone, did not take my bike this time, only my camera and my five senses, which was all I needed to enjoy a day away from work, buzz, and crowds. Two excited children ran out of the squeaky playground gate and down the other side of the hill.

Alongside the tortuous trail, the street lamp suddenly snubbed out. I find in amazement that the trees holds so much liveliness and provides so many things for everyone. The valley lay right in the middle of the park, between the forest and the lake, thoughtfully muffled by nature, protected from the inner noises and fuss.

Use descriptive words centered on your five senses. While looking at the branches, I noticed a leaf falls in front of me like a flying butterfly.

Actually, today was an extraordinary day to me. The sun begins to rise, waking the tired sleepers. Jets of water danced gracefully in the fountain and added vitality to this tiny world.

Descriptive writing- park

With numerous branches, they had oval-shaped tree clowns. It saddens me to see attractions not being used.

Descriptive Essay Example: Morning Jog In The Park

I saw a glow on his face, wrinkled by a life time of suffering, which inspired one with a feeling of unshakable optimism. Yet, the unpalatable truth is that I can never go back to my childhood.

It is best to write your introduction after you are finished writing the body of your essay, so you know exactly what your essay is about.Descriptive Writing Overview Lesson Overview The students will read a description of a visit to the Belmont Mansion and then write their own descriptive writing.

Topic Descriptive writing Objectives The students will write a piece of descriptive writing. Sep 29,  · A descriptive essay – A insightful walk in a local park.

Far away from my worn-out, pungent-smelling apartment, I discovered a whole new world. Having an early walk in the park could always refresh my mind.

A Walk in the Park

Standing at the entrance of the park, the icy breeze made me shivered. Descriptive essays tell the reader every important detail about the subject, in this case a park. You do not want to make a story out of it; nothing should actively happen in a descriptive essay. For a beginner’s paper, you’ll probably be writing a five paragraph essay.

Park. The old trees bordering the fields acted like guards, muffling the sound of the busy city around them and creating a peaceful haven for the small creatures that lived inside.

The only entrance was a narrow path that gradually widened as it ran through the field and up the ultimedescente.coms: 3. Descriptive Writing essaysThe clouds in the sky create a nice cool blanket from the hot sun.

I can smell the rain that was once falling. The sound from the cars and the people create a nice little harmony that one could easily lay down and relax to. Dec 06,  · The park is barren except for an elderly couple feeding the ducks and a couple of fellow joggers breathing in the fresh morning air.

A descriptive essay – A insightful walk in a local park

Walking by the minute green and brown tinted pond, the milky white, soft feathered ducks can be heard a block away as Reviews:

Descriptive writing the park
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