Corrections trends evaluation paper

Prisoners have rights to three meals a day and prison budgets must provide these rights. Stricter laws, harsher punishment, high rates of recidivism, and higher levels of drug related crimes contribute to the rapid growth of incarcerated offenders. Corrections and trends are much different today than in the past and years from then as society evolves changes in corrections are sure to occur.

Prisoners often use violence as a way to show power or to control other inmates. If overcrowding occurred it just meant building new penitentiaries. A last topic for discussion is the roles of alternate corrections as a developing trend.

Another concept introduced was the idea of reform and progress. Currently a majority of prisons operate under state and federal governments, unlike the past when private prisons were more common.

Operating costs for electric and water is essential and rises as the inmate population increases. Several alternate correction systems play a role as developing trends in society today. Limited more are resources and the likelihood of recidivism rates is higher when prisons reach a maximum capacity population.

Corrections trends evaluation paper prisons were often more cost-efficient because of labor costs, competitive bidding, and less red tape involved with private prisons.

Prison administration and staff place themselves at risk daily for a paycheck; therefore wages must be in a prison budget. Light found that when conditions such as overcrowding worsen. In other ways the development of corrections has come far compared to corrections in the beginning.

Over the years and into the future many still wonder the dominate method in reducing the number of criminals in the department of corrections. Community-based programs will continue to make some progress in the correction institutions by improving alternative programs for offenders, but society will never be crime free and therefore corrections will always be necessary.

Corrections Trends Evaluation Paper

Another current and future issue of concern for prisons and prison administrators stemming from overcrowding is prison violence. Issues facing corrections, including funding shortages, prison overcrowding, and violence in correctional facilities have worsened over the years and will continue into the future.

The history and structure of prisons and prison administrators has changed immensely over the years. This initiated a chain reaction and other states looked to Pennsylvania as an example for reform.

Another necessity in the budget for prisons and prison administrators is the need to rehabilitate and reform inmates.

Not only do corrections refer to jails and prison systems but they also pertain to community-based programs, such as probation, parole, halfway houses, and treatment facilities.

The prison overcrowding problem contributes to several issues currently facing prisons and prison administrators. The goal of probation is to give an offender the opportunity to stay out of trouble as opposed to prison.

They looked to the penitentiary as a hope of rehabilitating the criminal spirit. Examples of this were punishments, such as prisoners hanged, tortured, beheaded, or mutilated.

These prisoners had contact with religious instructors known as clergy or prison officials only. Prison researcher Stephen C.

In the criminal justice system, corrections exist in more than one form. The prison eventually shut down. Prison overcrowding almost always has a negative effect on inmates and prison administration or staff.

The goals of these corrections are to allow offenders to stay in the community and maintain employment with special conditions. The main reason for community-based program is that the cost to place an offender on probation is less than the cost to house an offender in prison.

Funding is another major issue facing prisons and prison administration currently and will continue into the future. Inmates who behaved well and followed rules climb a ladder and once at the top may qualify for early release from confinement. The penitentiary system was important because it influenced later concepts.

We will write a custom essay sample on Corrections Trends Evaluation Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Past, present, and future trends in regard to the development and operation of institutional and community-based corrections vary between states but corrections have grown immensely since the early s and have continued to expand over time.Corrections Trends Evaluation Paper.

Corrections Trend Evaluation Carla Howard CJA University of Phoenix Corrections have existed throughout society for many years and continued to change and evolve in the United States reflecting society’s values and ideals throughout the centuries.  Corrections Trend Evaluation Tony Lee Merriwether CJA/ May 22, Ken Jones Corrections Trend Evaluation This paper is the writer’s evaluation based on research of past, present, and future correction trends in regard to the development and implementation of institutional and community based corrections.

Corrections Trend Evaluation Corrections Trend Evaluation Tomas Gonzalez CJA / February 4, Alfredo Cooke Corrections Trend Evaluation In this paper I will evaluate the past, present and future trends pertaining to the development and operation of institutional and community based correction.

View Essay - Criminal Justice Trends Paper from CRIMINAL J CJA at University of Phoenix. and corrections.

I will have to choose between law enforcement, courts, or corrections to evaluate the past, present, and future trends within these areas of the criminal justice Criminal Law Foundations Evaluation. 9 pages. Organizational %(20). In this paper I will be evaluating past, present, and future trends pertaining to the corrections system.

There are many different trends that correctional facilities have used in the past and these trends have continued on to modern day and maybe will continue on into the future.

Corrections Trends Evaluation (Mingle City, ) Decade after decade the focus of corrections changes from one extreme to the other. Sometimes the focus is treatment and rehabilitation, and other times the focus is strictly punishment.

Corrections trends evaluation paper
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