Big fat tax analysis

Holiday yesterday with currencies trading in narrow ranges. Long on rhetoric and short on delivery, he has found the transition from campaign to Government difficult, but so have the American public.

The tax revenues accrued could then be used to subsidise healthy low calorie alternatives and so increase the cost per calorie of food. May has somehow managed to Big fat tax analysis the more hawkish of her Cabinet Ministers of the necessity for an increased offer, although there has been no leak of just how many concessions she has had to make to secure their support.

Franklin Alexander in the late s, but became well known in the early s by Kelly D. While a February poll by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute found that New York City residents overwhelmingly favor a soft drink tax, with 76 percent wanting the tax, and 22 percent opposing it.

When it comes to obesity one would argue that it offers the mechanisms to prevent a needless tide of early deaths, spiralling NHS costs and sore eyes on the beach. The fat tax is an argument for raising taxes on activities that we prefer to discourage consumption of certain foodstuffs rather than raising taxes on socially desirable activities.

Her target audience with this piece would be those for the tax as she argues that there are downsides to a tax on fast food as well as alternatives that could be better. In a Op-Ed in the New York TimesBrownell noted that food costs were out of balance, with healthy foods costing more than unhealthy ones.

Her use of rhetorical questions makes readers come to assumptions that she wants them to. The image plastered in the centre of the article shows a man made of fast food. Clever slogans and imagery helps her arguments be memorable as well as logical.

Using basic economic theory there are two clear ways to make a real impact on this equation and in turn obesity.

“Big Fat Tax Cuts Coming!” But When?

Lets face it, at the end of the day money talks. Basic economic theory tells us that individuals seek to maximise their utility via consumption given a budget constraint. It traded between July 13, Some call economics the dismal science, I call it useful.

The answer is decades of weak governments which resort to short term political goals rather than long term and unpopular preventions with the potential to save countless lives. Taking political motivations aside i.

Now we have to try to improve public health by other means. Nudging wont lead to decreases in obesity, changes in cold hard cash however may make people think twice when they look at that chocolate bar.

Therefore, opponents of this type of taxation must identify which taxes are preferable to taxing these foodstuffs.

My big fat tax

Their comments, designed to show other EU members that the U. The President of the European Commission said that there has been intense negotiation over the past few days and a decision over the progress to stage two of Brexit negotiations is imminent. This persuades readers to agree with her postion.A fat tax could possibly slow the consumption of these fatty foods and fast foods, which in turn would reduce the obesity numbers.

Obesity is not all that these fatty foods are causing; there is also heart disease, diabetes, and many others, all of which come about because of behavior. In his Thanksgiving speech to the American People yesterday, President Trump made a promise of “big fat tax cuts” although the when, not the what, is more likely to exercise his supporters’ minds.

Apr 19,  · AI & Big Data Cloud Is A Fat Tax In America's Future? a higher percentage of Americans believe we should tax obese people rather than tax high-fat and high-sugar foods.

In the article “Big fat tax is no gut buster” author Susie O’brien attacking the new tax on the fast food industry.

Big Fat Tax Analysis

By the opening slogan, “DON’T tax the big mac” she asserts her position on the tax. Written in bold the slogan immediately catches the eye and as it cleverly rhymes is very memorable. Consuming less calories tends to be easier than burning more and this article shall focus on the first half of the equation accordingly.

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Big fat tax analysis
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