Advantages and disadvantages of the caste

Performance of all rights and rituals, worshipping of different kinds of gods and goddesses and celebrations of different religious festivals are determined by the caste system.

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The caste system kept India unified, since people would not move out of their allotted societal role. Caste system also led to inhuman practices like Sati, infanticide, prostitution and exploitation of man by other men.

What are the origins of the Indian caste system?

The priests Brachmins were the highest varna, the second caste was Kshatriyas, or rulers and warriors. It has proved to be a great social stabilizer by enabling the Hindus to save themselves from being carried away by the current of social upheavals.

It has acted as a political stabilizer by assuring an orderly government against despotism.

15 Beneficial Functions of the Caste System in Rural Society in India

Emperor Asoka was a follower of the Buddhist belief and consistent with the practice of imperialism, he introduced his beliefs as the superior religion to the old oppressive Vedic religious practices. The Untouchables were considered untouchables, because they did jobs that were polutants.

It comes in the way of national integration and nation-building.

10 Main Disadvantages of Caste System in India

Individual freedom remained crushed under the weight of the evil practice of untouchability. Anything to do with feces, blood, or killing anything put you directly into the Untouchables catagory. That system was economically similar to other equivalent systems of the highly developed civilizations of the world.

Its disadvantages can be noted as under: In the past Caste System caused grave injustice to women. The various factions of beliefs that existed before the Islamic invasion, came together against a common enemy that threatened to annihilate their cultures and beliefs.

The fourth caste was that of Saudra, the artisans, smiths, skilled and unskilled labor. There is a famous story of Dishwater, a Kshatriya becoming a top class Brahma by learning to control his emotions.

Politicians and ministers need the help and support of the village leaders to win in the election. Hutton enumerates the numerous benefits flowing to the individual from the caste system. The Aryans were a light skinned people. They had to marry and socialize with people from their own caste.

How do you contrast the caste system with a class system? Besides, it also provides him with health insurance benefits. One advantage of the caste system would have been order and discipline amongst the people of India.

It has efficiently organised the Hindu society without giving any chance to class frictions and factions. Subordination of the individual to an organised body: Other wise prior to that era only 4 varnas are there based on type of work done for living.Current Category┬╗ Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology Disadvantage or Demerits of Caste System.

1. Undemocratic: Caste system denied equal opportunity for advancement to persons belonging to different castes. 10 Main Disadvantages of Caste System in India Article shared by Caste system has several disadvantages which come in the way of social progress and development.

The caste system got in the way of economic development of all sections of society. More Disadvantages system became responsible for several immoral social practices and low standard of morality.

15 Beneficial Functions of the Caste System in Rural Society in India. Beneficial Functions of the Caste System in Rural Society in India are as follows: Caste constitutes an essential feature of rural social structure. It acts as the most powerful determinant of individual behaviour and social order.

However, caste has both positive and. The Caste System Benefits and Disadvantages Now that you've learnt a little bit about what the caste system entails, let's look at what the caste system meant for society and the individual groups of people!

It brought order to society. Everyone knew the role he had to play and the job he had to do. Current Category┬╗ Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology Advantage or Merits of Caste System. 1. Preservation of Culture: Caste system helped in preservation of culture and these were passed on from generation to generation.

Advantages and disadvantages of the caste
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