Advanced entrepreneurship innovation

Over the program, you will develop a sound set of competences that will give you the right mindset to master a complex environment where increasing speed of change, uncertainty, the emergence of new technologies and the broadening of global markets constantly challenge us.

By the end of this course, students will have gained fundamental knowledge on theoretical and practical entrepreneurial mechanisms. Finalists will be notified, and in-person interviews scheduled with the selection committee.

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Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

February 13th - May 29th Tuesdays from 1: What type of strategies can they implement to achieve sustainable competitive advantage? We will address the path from Seed Stage to Series A and beyond. Our MCEI DesignLab will offer you lots of space - just in case you want to put your own ideas into practice next to class or want to develop your case solutions like a startup.

You do not need MAN as a prerequisite. To teach students the process through which new ventures are created regardless of their organization Enhance discipline-specific opportunity recognition, prepare students from any background to understand the process Advanced entrepreneurship innovation which ideas are implemented into the market or an organization Provide interdisciplinary instruction by integrating business-related entrepreneurship education with college-specific entrepreneurship training To ensure students understand the role of innovation and develop creative abilities in entrepreneurship.

Each participant in the program must be committed to starting their company in the US; the program is not intended for launched companies.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

And this is exactly what you will learn, not only in the classroom, but mainly on the field during the multiple project-oriented courses that will shape your experience in Milan and Brussels. It is not necessary to register for case study sessions upfront.

AFFOA and VMS launch Advanced Fabrics Entrepreneurship Program

Click here to register for the course group! Some of the domains we touch upon such as entrepreneurial finance could be a complete course in their own right. Toward the end of the course, we will look into more specialized issues facing entrepreneurs at later stages financing and term sheets.

Participants are expected to travel to required workshops and other events held throughout the year.


Students, if applicable, purchase the case studies themselves and prepare them upfront Harvard Business School Publishing.

Active attendance and participation is strongly recommended. He is also chairman of the Brussels Council for Research and Innovation Policy Advanced entrepreneurship innovation an active Board member and strategic advisor in multiple growth-oriented entrepreneurial ventures.

In case you lack a UM student number Matrikelnummer please send an e-mail to the course coordinator see contact Advanced entrepreneurship innovation. Selection Criteria and Application Process The entrepreneurs will be chosen through a competitive process.

You will be familiarized with the high-tech business life-cycle and relevant stages therein. Share Leave a comment Smart fabrics are poised to change what people expect from their clothing. Whether you wish to become an entrepreneur, a project manager in a small or big organisation or a consultant, this Advanced Master will help you acquire the competences to build your success.

However, please make sure to register and obtain your Ecum card immediately after your arrival in Mannheim. Transferring insights from class to the real world by learning from real startups and their challenges forms a substantial part of your learning.

Overall, the course is intensive and requires students to carefully prepare, read and understand the course material remember that 6 ECTS are a total workload of up to hrs. A record of business ownership or an entrepreneurial venture may be considered as a substitute for prior academic performance.

At Solvay he teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Planning to graduate students, post-graduate students, entrepreneurs, investors and consultants. The program supports entrepreneurs by providing access to a wide variety of resources aimed at building commercial value: You should choose MAN if you Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until January 16, Participants could walk away with patents or licensing agreements, a solid business plan, or simply a detailed marketable idea.

Up to 6 credits required for another degree program may also be used to fulfill the requirements for the certificate. Readings are important to understand applications and follow the lectures and class discussions.

Students will be well-prepared to conduct their own research given that they complete MAN in addition in their master thesis and will be given plenty of opportunities and triggers to advance their own entrepreneurial thinking and careers.

The program will include exposure to technical expertise, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities through AFFOA.

The range of participants includes a local former commercial fisherman, members of the armed forces, established entrepreneurs and business owners, college students and researchers from across the nation — and even a team of local eighth-grade students. Jan Zybura, Nora Zybura Assessment: Olivier Witmeur Deputy Dean Executive Education, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Bernheim Chair in Entrepreneurship His research is mostly focused on the growth of entrepreneurial ventures along with extended interest in venture capital, entrepreneurial behaviors, corporate entrepreneurship, effectuation and socio-economical impact of entrepreneurship.

The program enrolls postdocs from all MIT schools to learn best practices in translating research from the lab to market. Your active participation will benefit you significantly in preparing for the exam, which is a continuous learning endeavor in this class rather than 1 week of learning materials by the end of class.

AFEP is aimed at exposing early stage pre-commercial entrepreneurs to the entire range of value building activities in support of their venture: Learning how to perform customer discovery, customer validation, and the creation of a viable business model Establishing the commercial viability and potential markets of an advanced fabric product concept Team building Engaging with industry to define market demands and establish relationships Understanding the best path to market and the timelines involved Identifying technical risk and approaches to mitigation Designing and developing product prototypes Engaging with a mentor team to advance commercialization plans Building commercial interest, teams and support Connecting with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem accessible through AFFOA, VMS, Martin Trust Center, AFFOA membership, etc and within Massachusetts Meeting prospective investors and beginning fundraising Call to Apply AFEP is seeking 12 entrepreneurs interested in building an innovative advanced fabric business in the US.Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate The certificate allows post-graduate students from any discipline to learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the new venture creation process.

The interdisciplinary certificate program provides students an opportunity to gain business skills they can use in starting a business without a large. Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) has partnered with MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) to launch Advanced Fabrics Entrepreneurship Program (AFEP), which gives smart-fabrics entrepreneurs advanced prototyping resources, mentoring, workshops, lectures, and networking events.

Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles in.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

View the best master degrees here! Drive innovation and enhance your entrepreneurial leadership skills with the HEC Paris Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a month International Master program offered in partnership with MIP Politecnico di consists of a fall term in Milan (at MIP Politecnico di Milano) and a spring term in Brussels (at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management).The program is taught entirely in English.

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Advanced entrepreneurship innovation
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