A reflective statement on the science and health fair

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Health Fair Reflection Paper

More Information The Science Buddies website has additional information about safety, including guidelines for some special areas, such as chemistry, lasers, microbiology, and rocketry. When our team got together I elected myself to be the recorder since I was pretty good at taking down notes and whatnot.

I personally was not exactly ready to interact with the people. Hopefully good common sense and the questions above will help you put together a fun, informative, and safe science fair project. Make sure you address all safety issues in your project proposal so your adult supervisors are aware of any issues ahead of time.

During this stage you should ask yourself what you could have done differently. Reflections on reflective practice. If reflective practice is performed comprehensively and honestly, it will lead to improved performance. However, almost any tool or technique, no matter how safe, can be used in an unsafe manner.

Reflective writing style What is reflective practice? Where will the experiment be performed?

Safety Guidelines

Why use reflective practice? Print Safety should be a primary concern for every science experiment. And also, everything seemed so unorganized.

Your teacher will then evaluate your project based on the following questions: When the assignment was first introduced, my initial thinking was that working in groups was something I personally never really favored in the past. You may need to ask more detailed questions about the answers to the last stage.

Promoting reflection in learning: Look at the ten actions of reflective practitioners and consider which of these you are bringing to your placement experiences. Not all our giveaways were there because the person who had the later shift had them.

A student case study. Text from Jasper, M. This was one of my more memorable moments from the Health Fair. We were in a hustle trying to get the booth together on time. Evaluation Try to evaluate or make a judgement about what has happened.

State Fair

We strongly urge all those planning to use materials from our webpages to make choices and to develop procedures for safety in accordance with local needs and situations. Without detailed analysis and honest exploration that occurs during all the previous stages, it is unlikely that all aspects of the event will be taken into account and therefore valuable opportunities for learning can be missed.

Remember the purpose of reflection is to learn from an experience. Who will be supervising the experiment? Is it safe for other people or animals that are involved? If you will be participating in a city or county-wide fair, make sure that the projects meet the rules of that fair. Instead of dropping the whole word scrambling game, I suggested we put several scrambled words on there and people could just unscramble the ones they were able to unscramble which worked out wonderfully.

Science Buddies Safety Disclaimer Although every effort is made to ensure and encourage safe practices and safe use of the materials in our Project Ideas, Science Buddies cannot assume responsibility for uses made of its published materials.

It is useful to read about how other students digest and interpret theory so it guides their practice; this is the process expected of you during your placements.

Reflective Personal Statement

Conclusion This differs from the evaluation stage in that now you have explored the issue from different angles and have a lot of information on which to base your judgment. The next day, another team member took it a step higher and put a.

When printing this document, you may NOT modify it in any way. What safety gear will be used? The value of reflective practice: I suppose it had to be high because the Health Fair was a big deal and we only had a short time.Mission Statement: The Georgia Science and Engineering Fair (GSEF) is dedicated to encouraging all Georgia's teachers and school districts to incorporate active science and engineering research into their classrooms in order to help students 1) develop a love for science, 2) learn to isolate important problems and to attack and solve these.

Reflective practice in health

student health care practitioners keep a reflective diary (as REFLECTION ON PRACTICE The Role of Reflective Practice Kolb’s Learning Cycle Reflective Concerned with reviewing the event or experience in your mind and exploring what you did and how you, and others felt about it.

Health Fair Reflection Paper. Even before this assignment was introduced, I was fully aware that this class was to be mainly focused on community health promotions and the importance of it/5(1). Science fairs affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) must follow very strict and detailed safety rules, often including pre-approval before experimentation begins.

The assistant director plays a key role in the student life area of our university. Science Unit Self-Reflection Towards the end of each quarter, you will be expected to write a reflective essay that shows your in-depth understanding about the work you are doing.

A reflective statement on the science and health fair
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